Would you like to look at Postcards” from Matera " or ride it by bike? Let yourself be enchanted by Basilicata with its villages, castles and gullies.  Cycle far and wide to discover such evocative paths and modern architecture difficult to forget in the village of La Martella, a project that involved Adriano Olivetti and many architects and intellectuals of the time.

Relax between rides along the San Giuliano Dam, then enjoy your workout in the Pollino park.  Ride scenic roads through Murgia Materana, explore the beautiful mountains: from Castiglione to Timbro to end with Igino.

Immerse yourself in the uniqueness of the settlement of “I Sassi” of Matera, UNESCO heritage and capital of Culture 2019.

Your training will be enriched with archeology in the magno-Greek temples of Metaponto and the nature of the ravines that from the Appulo Lucano Apennines descend to the sea where we can remember the breathtaking view of Gravina di Puglia, where they filmed the last film of 007. Matera and Altamura bread, Lucanian sausage and cruschi Peppers will brighten up your workout. You can complete your travel schedule with our experts and local guides. They will guide you in cultural experiences, nature and local traditions.

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