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    Yuniqly, your sport destination

    train in unforgettable places.

    There are certain trips that take you far and others that take you exactly where you would like to be; there are trips that make you discover new places and those that make you discover a little more who you are.  There are journeys in which you learn new languages and others that leave you speechless.Yuniqly is the sport experience you have not yet done, the one that will take you to discover the most beautiful corners of Italy in an absolutely new way.Yuniqly is your new teammate to live a great sports experience, in one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

    Yuniqly, in a nutshell.


    Yuniqly is a new company that combines a luxury vacation with a top training high-performance sports experience.

    It’s a completely new way to enjoy the beauties of the territory followed by a dedicated local team, willing to share behind-the scenes secrets with you.

    A trained and skilled multidisciplinary team, on the spot, with you, to make the sport experience an unforgettable adventure, customized by trainers, masseurs, yoga teachers and life coaches.

    A constant search for highly innovative equipment: gravel bikes, racing bikes, e-bikes, dedicated apps, luxury vans for transfers

    It’s the sports adventure you can’t wait to repeat.






    A deep love for the territory, to discover in the most sustainable and immersive way: running, cycling, swimming, sweating, accelerating, or slowing down at the rhythm of your heart.



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